Whether you’re looking for a simple software, a web portal or a complete business solution from lead generation, Customer Relations Management (CRM), Transaction Management, Project Management, HR Management, Payroll or any other business transaction software or SaaS, we are the national leaders in providing the large company software solutions at Small and Middle income companies’ budget and needs.

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Kuiville is on a mission. We are a California based Tech company with a transformational vision of changing the way SMEs do business in America. You see, large companies build software for their own needs. Once their needs are met, they sell a shell of the software as a service to SMEs because often SMEs lack the budget and technical know-how to build their own. So, to small and mid income companies, such software are like a round peg in a square hole. They lack extra features here and there to meet the unique needs of smaller to medium size companies. That’s where we come in: We create solutions that respond to your unique needs and wants. We build a wide range of customized software quickly and on budget. So no matter how “crazy” your idea seems, be it a consumer application or complex business software, we can quickly bring it to life.

How We Work

We live to impress you with our unique and awesome ways of software development. Our knowledge, experience and expertise enable us to do more value for our clients than just selling software subscription service.


We are awesome because we meet with you to discuss your business needs and figure out together how to systemize and automate it for efficiency and higher profitability.


We are innovative because we take your words, actions and activities and turn them into a computerized system that makes repetitive work smooth and easy to follow-up


We are creative because we will interpret simple English to software language, so you don’t have to. Just give us your big picture, we will break it down to a system that works.


We are experimental because, if you point to a big company software that you wanted mirrored, we will create something similar in functionality and scope at a fraction of the cost.


We Are Here For You

We not only help develop software for your in-house management business but we also build Software as a service (SaaS) whereby we can build, host and manage a software you intend to sell to final end users a subscription basis.

Desktop Application

We’ll build a desktop platform closely attuned to your brand, if not we can craft a new one that adheres to your current business trends in harmony with your needs. Such desktop application can be installed on a single computer (laptop or a desktop) and used to perform specific tasks for your business.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Are you passionate about a system you are using in your business and think other businesses can benefit from it? Sell your products online with our easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain CMS-driven eCommerce systems. Our package already comes with an awesome design, or have it comply with your design preferences/references, if any.

Mobile Apps

If you need a compiled and downloadable program for iOS or Android, maybe we can help you. Though we support other development tools/environment, we are generalists and have developers keeping tabs with both old and new coding languages so as to keep us at the edge of tomorrow as possible.

Ecommerce Sites

Sell your products online with our easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain CMS-driven eCommerce systems. Our package already comes with an awesome design, or have it comply with your design preferences/references, if any.

SEO Optimized

Unless you’re carrying a known brand needing none to minimal SEO effort, it could really be sad if it can’t be found on top 10 (or at least top 20) of SERP (search engines results pages), especially if you’re trying to tap the internet market for higher profit margin.


Did you outsource software development and the fly-by-night developers bailed on you? Or, are you paying an in-house IT guy who is limited to one coding language and cannot handle the flexibility that new business changes demand? Our expertise range of coding languages. We can also host your software. Let us help streamline your systems and you focus on what you do best; growing your business

We Are DesignersWe Are ProgrammersWe Are CodersWe Are DevelopersWe Are CreativeWe Are Kuiville

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Our Work

Some Recent Projects

We love what we do and we do it loving it. Some people give blood, sweat and tears, we give creativity bundled in code and fun. Below is some of our pride from happy American entrepreneurs.


We Make Our Customers Happy

Our mission is to offer America’s Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), the technological advantages large companies enjoy, with the benefit of agility and flexibility at an affordable cost. We therefore meet with your team to gather all information that paints your vision and need. We will hold several meetings as we progress in the development of your software.


Give us your idea, we will research all related and competing software to crystalize in our minds your exact needs and desires.


We will package your ideas into a conceptual framework, by capturing and organizing them in a way that is easy to remember and apply.


We will develop your ideas into a beautiful software to look at with easy functions that will automate your business

Test and Manage

Once it is all done, we will test it with you to remove any bugs, and can even host it and help you manage it.

You will be involved in every stage of your software’s development and you will find our team pleasant work with. You speak in your language, we will interpret it into code!

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Our clients think we are really cool. We thought our team was just happy creating cool stuff. We didn’t know it was infectious until our clients said so.


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